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Original price was: 4.99€.Current price is: 3.90€.
Original price was: 4.99€.Current price is: 3.90€.
Original price was: 4.99€.Current price is: 3.90€.
Original price was: 4.99€.Current price is: 3.90€.


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Quality pouches, smooth delivery.
12mg lime pouches are my favourite.

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Strong citrus and Cherry are the
best tasting white pouches ever!

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Goat was better than I imagined,
and it’s my new go-to pouch.

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If i had to choose one favorite,
it would be Puff & Pouch Ice.

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Peppermint is the best.
All 12-16 mg options are excellent.

β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜…
Goat was better than I imagined,
and it’s my new go-to pouch.

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Frequently asked questions

What are white pouches? β†’

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Puff & Pouch is born in Finland business specializing in white pouches.

The best quality and flavor just for you!

Our main priority is to provide the best and highest-quality white pouches for those who value luxury and quality. On our website, you can find a wide and delicious range of flavors, as well as high-quality and durable pouches at an affordable price. Finally, pouches that don’t leak!

Puff & Pouch’s product development is precise, and only the best and highest-quality white pouches are sold. Our primary goal is to offer white pouch users the best possible user experience. We have focused specifically on the pouches’ taste, durability, and mouthfeel. At Puff & Pouch, you get the best nicopouches that don’t leak or break in your mouth.

For inexperiencedΒ  users, nicopouches can cause weakness. The symptoms are usually a headache or dizziness, and the symptoms go away in a few hours.

For experienced users, it is unlikely that nicobag will cause even mild nicotine poisoning because the pouches content is very low.

If you have accustomed your body to nicotine, the experience is undoubtedly symptom-free.

NOTE! Nicopouches do not cause life-threatening poisoning, but if your condition continues to weaken, contact a doctor or poison control center.

Swallowing a legal under 20mg nicopouch may not pose a danger to an adult. If you feel unwell, we recommend contacting a doctor and poison control center.

If it is a child, contact a doctor immediately.

Products contains addictive substance that is toxic in large single doses.

However, nicopouches themselves are not dangerous products.Β 

We have heard that some suppliers’ pouches leak significantly, and the user experience is uncomfortable. Puff & Pouch has received a lot of praise for finally bringing to the market pouches that don’t leak. All white pouches sold in our online store are juicy and tasty, but especially Puff & Pouch ICE and other special blend series contain only products that make your taste buds scream for more without uncomfortable pouch leakage.

The most famous Pouch brand in Nordics

Puff & Pouch broke the Nordics pouch market and finally you can find our products from over 10 countries and our online shop is delivering Worldwide!

The strengths of Puff & Pouch’s products are between 4 mg and 20 mg, which effectively satisfy the craving and provide a numbing sensation. The flavors are long-lasting and won’t leak or break while in use.


4mg-16mg pouches ready for orders!

Towers (10pcs) starting price 41,90€ per tower!

Order WHITE pouches
from Puff & Pouch


Order and delivery

We pack and send all orders received before 3 pm on the same day. Orders placed after 3 pm will be sent the next business day.

Your order will be delivered to you quickly, in EU 2-5 business days and to US 5-7 days depending on where you order.

You will not have to pay customs duties for your order of nicotine pouches. Your task is always to comply with the instructions of Customs.

At the moment, Customs do not monitor online ordering or import of white pouches in EU.

You will always find the most up-to-date Customs instructions on Puff & Pouch’s website.

We recommend ordering one of every strenght and decide which suits best for you. ICE mint drills comfortably and has a menthol mint flavor, while Citrus ICE provides a refreshing and pleasant citrus taste.

If you are looking for the strongest pouch, then Greatest DRY 16mg is definitely for you.

You can best find out your taste by testing different products and thus know which products to order for you next time, and also compare the range of products.

Payment methods are a bank card, online bank transfer, Klarna, Paypal and installment payment.

You cannot order snus from Puff & Pouch. We only sell 100% smokeless white pouches that can be legally ordered in EU. Nicopouch may be referred to as Swedish product in some contexts, but it is still different from that.

Note! Pouches are a significantly less harmful alternative to leaf products.

We always deliver orders as agreed upon, and our pouches are of high quality. If we have failed, we take feedback and complaints seriously and process them promptly.

If your order has failed, please contact us immediately using the “Contact Us” tab. Remember to mention your order number!

Our delivery fee is free for orders exceeding €90. For orders under €90, the delivery fee is only 6,9-11€.