Let’s make fresh memories in your pocket or to share, with Puff & Pouch.

Puff & Pouch
-Everyday Pouch-

‘’No more sad Lads in the streets with a VEIP or ciggy in their mouth’’ – Thats a promise, FAM. We are the Greatest beast that you have been waiting to go smokeless with. WE + YOU = SMOKELESS TEAM.
Welcome to team who acts, not only speaks.


Designed in Greatest minds, built in icy Finland, sold proudly in whole Europe.

Our pouches are crafted with love and produced in best labs. We bring the Greatest tastes and the best sellers from Europe.


We didn’t came here by elevator. We didn’t use dad’s pocket and neither we didn’t meet some lad on dark streets who gave us full bag of money.
Instead we served our home country’s customers and grew by country to country. Now we are one of the biggest and best known pouch brand.

Now we will work days and nights to fill our mission to bring the goldest nicopouch to whole EU market.