Our Story

Five stars don’t just happen on their own. Why did we establish a brand in an already “ready” market?

That’s the question to which our answer is the Puff & Pouch brand, which has quickly grown into one of the best-known brand in EU There’s no extraordinary success story, just a couple who wanted to create something new and important.

Five stars came about thanks to our strong team and our hard work style. From that family business, something larger emerged – it was our mission and still is, to develop our product range from good to the best.

We’re building a smoke-free future, which is why we’ve chosen the nicotine pouch as our product. Nicotine, however, isn’t a health product, and we’ll never carry the banner of the do-gooder. We’re simply introducing a nicotine product that’s a high-quality alternative, less harmful in nicotine concentration to those who use nicotine.

Every one of our products is built by a team of experts. We select only the best ingredients for our products and continually do development work so that our customers can trust us.

When you choose Puff & Pouch products, you’re supporting a private owned company. Our best-selling product in Nordics is sold by over 2000 retailers throughout the EU. We have a ready market and data that makes it clear that our product is the most popular.

Increase your menu range and stand out from other restaurants by providing a smoke-free and odourless alternative that takes the customer experience to a modern level.

Smoke-free: More events are becoming smoke-free. Nicotine use, however, isn’t banned, and users are still around.

It’s simple to include Smoke-less Events in your business lineup, with our retailer programme. It’s seamless, effortless, and doesn’t require you to work hard. We have a ready-made event concept and strong team of experts.

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Choose a smokeless lifestyle.


Puff & Pouch – Products like no other. All our products meet the highest quality standards. The ingredients used in our products are selected by our Finnish team.

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Nordic’s leading nicotine pouch brand

Puff & Pouch started as a family business and has grown to become the most famous nicotine pouch brand in Nordics. Our company is based on quality, passion and a drive to create something great.

Strong team

Our experts are always the first to know about any changes imposed by regulatory authorities. We only choose the best professionals into our team.


Our products have undergone a long development process. We bring to the market a ready-made product that meets all the highest standards.