Are you looking sure way to make money?

We are Finland’s largest nicotine pouch company and we are looking for Crazy-ass salespeople who are ready to make big great amount of money.

We offer ready to go concept which means that we got already bestseller product, best commissions and best concept to sell nicotine pouches to any country retails.

People are using tobaccofree nicotine pouches more and more and you dont have to stress that if store wants to buy or not. 

(They obviously wants)

The thing is to make good relationship and earn their trust.

Then you will make deals and obviously money.

Contact us and lets go!

What is your job?
• Sell nicotine products to local stores

How much can i make?
• To sell one box you make 144e
One store can take 1-5 boxes
One store can buy from you every month

Who we are looking for?
• Money-driven entrepreneurs
• You can work fulltime or part time

Best case?

Last month one of our guys sold 45k cans by himself.. Alone. Count your math.

When to start?
• Now?

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Ready to start?
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