A nicotine pod beats snuff for these reasons

A nicotine pod beats snuff for these reasons

When placed next to each other or when comparing the way of use, nicotine podes and snuff podes are not terribly different. The nicotine pod is a superior snus substitute that appeared on the market in the 2020s, and deeper than the surface there are overwhelming reasons why it is better to get nicotine from a nicotine pod than snuff.

1. The nicotine pod does not contain tobacco or carcinogenic substances

Snuff mainly consists of water and powdered tobacco. It contains a total of up to 2,500 different chemicals, of which 28 are cancer-causing, i.e. carcinogens. Harmful substances include, for example, heavy metals, such as lead, nickel and cadmium, and residues of pesticides used in farming, such as arsenic. In addition, radioactive polonium 210 has been found in the snuff.

Did you know that just a milligram-sized dose of polonium kills and that there is no treatment for poisoning?

Possible cancers following the use of snuff are at least

  • oral cancer
  • pharyngeal cancer
  • nasal cancer
  • esophageal cancer
  • rectal cancer.

Like snuff, the nicotine pod contains nicotine, salt, water, moisture binders, and preservatives and flavors such as xylitol. So, for example, there are no heavy metals or carcinogens on the list. Most of the contents of the nicotine pod is the natural fiber cellulose used as its filler, which is also used in bread and cheese in the food industry, for example. There is no maximum intake limit for cellulose defined by the Food Agency. Considering only these things, it is already pretty clear which product is more harmful to the body.

2. There is even several times less nicotine in the nicotine bag

Both products contain nicotine, which is harmful to the body. However, an over-the-counter nicotine bag contains clearly less than snuff, i.e. a maximum of 4 milligrams as defined by law. Finns’ and Swedish favorite snuff Odens Cold Dry once again contains a whopping 22 milligrams of nicotine per bag. On average, a snuff bag contains about 7–8 mg of nicotine, i.e. one nicotine bag is equivalent to two snuff bags. Or for many Finns, five and a half bags of Odens.

You can therefore get really large single doses of nicotine from a snuff bag, which causes more harm at once and also stays in the body for a long time. With active use, the tolerance to nicotine increases and the body begins to demand only a larger single dose, which, for example, sounds like a rather wild direction for users of the mentioned Odens. It can therefore be stated that, overall, a nicotine pod is a healthier alternative to snuff for satisfying nicotine cravings and, if used correctly, helps to completely get rid of nicotine products instead of increasing nicotine cravings.

3. A nicotine pod is a fresher and more discreet option

The snuff bag contains tobacco, which leaves a brown color on the teeth when used. Stained teeth can be a disgusting sight, and stale tobacco also causes bad breath. The nicotine bag, on the other hand, is white in color and does not stain the teeth. Its smell and taste is also naturally much cleaner and fresher due to its smoke-free nature.

Nicotine podes are available in different thicknesses, and many people who have stopped using snuff want the product to have a strong content and a piercing mouthfeel. In nicotine podes, the sensation is created with the help of flavors such as menthol, eucalyptus and chili. In any case, there are flavor options available on the nicotine pod market for many different preferences, but mint is clearly the most popular. A thinner, non-teeth-staining and fresher-smelling nicotine pod is probably more discreet to use than snuff, which can be an advantage in customer service work, for example.

4. Buying and ordering nicotine pods is legal in most of Eu countries

Snuff is classified as a pleasure substance and an intoxicant. All buying, selling and passing on it is illegal in Europe. A limited amount of snuff can be brought into Europe for personal use during the day, and ordering it online is completely prohibited. It is likely that every snus user has broken the tobacco law at some point or repeatedly, for example by offering a bag or buying a tower from a guy who visited Sweden. Violation of the Tobacco Act can even result in imprisonment.

Between 2020-2024 nicotine pods are a product that can be compared to cigarettes and can be bought and imported without any restrictions. They are classified according to nicotine content into two categories:

However, you have to remember that the tobacco law is well regulated and you can only buy nicotine podes online or at a point of sale that has received a license to sell tobacco products. Fortunately, you can always order nicotine podes legally and reliably from our online store!

So even though nicotine podes and snuff are somewhat similar to each other, significant differences have been found in their comparison and a clear winner. Snuff smells and stains the teeth, is largely illegal, and can introduce horrible amounts of harmful chemicals into the body, causing at worst many cancers. None of these points apply to nicotine podes. So the clear winner of the comparison is the nicotine pod. However, if for some reason these reasons do not convince you to quit snuff, we recommend reading the benefits of quitting snuff next.

For long-term use of nicotine podes, we recommend only max. Nicotine bags with a strength of 4 mg and bags stronger than this cause harm to health in the same way as snuff nicotine. Read more about who nicotine podes are suitable for.