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Quality pouches, smooth delivery.
12mg lime pouches are my favourite.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Strong citrus and Cherry are the
best tasting nicotine pouches ever!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Goat was better than I imagined,
and it’s my new go-to pouch.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
If i had to choose one favorite,
it would be Puff & Pouch Ice.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Peppermint is the best.
All 12-16 mg options are excellent.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Goat was better than I imagined,
and it’s my new go-to pouch.

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Frequently asked questions

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Puff & Pouch is born in Finland business specializing in nicotine pouches.

The best quality and flavor just for you!

Our main priority is to provide the best and highest-quality nicotine pouches for those who value luxury and quality. On our website, you can find a wide and delicious range of flavors, as well as high-quality and durable pouches at an affordable price. Finally, pouches that don’t leak!

Puff & Pouch’s product development is precise, and only the best and highest-quality nicotine pouches are sold. Our primary goal is to offer nicotine pouch users the best possible user experience. We have focused specifically on the pouches’ taste, durability, and mouthfeel. At Puff & Pouch, you get the best nicotine pouches that don’t leak or break in your mouth.

For inexperienced nicotine users, nicotine pouches can cause weakness, just like the first use of cigarettes or snus. The symptoms are usually a headache or dizziness, and the symptoms go away in a few hours.

For experienced nicotine users, such as former snus or cigarette users, it is unlikely that nicotine pouches will cause even mild nicotine poisoning because the pouches’ nicotine content is very low.

If you have accustomed your body to nicotine, the experience is undoubtedly symptom-free.

NOTE! Nicotine pouches do not cause life-threatening nicotine poisoning, but if your condition continues to weaken, contact a doctor or poison control center.

4 mg nicotine pouches drill perfectly. The nicotine content in pouches does not correlate with drilling; instead, high-quality 4 mg pouches can drill even more than equivalent stronger ones. A 4 mg nicotine content is enough to numb your nicotine craving, offering a first-class mouthfeel.

Swallowing a legal under 20mg nicotine pouch may not pose a danger to an adult. If you feel unwell, we recommend contacting a doctor and poison control center.

If it is a child, contact a doctor immediately.

Nicotine is an addictive substance that is toxic in large single doses.

However, nicotine pouches themselves are not dangerous products. Nicotine pouches contain pure nicotine.

We have heard that some suppliers’ nicotine pouches leak significantly, and the user experience is uncomfortable. Puff & Pouch has received a lot of praise for finally bringing to the market nicotine pouches that don’t leak. All nicotine pouches sold in our online store are juicy and tasty, but especially Puff & Pouch ICE and other special blend series contain only products that make your taste buds scream for more without uncomfortable pouch leakage.

The most famous nicotine pouch in Nordics

Puff & Pouch broke the Nordics nicotine pouch market and finally you can find our products from over 10 countries and our online shop is delivering Worldwide!

The strengths of Puff & Pouch’s products are between 4 mg and 20 mg, which effectively satisfy the craving and provide a numbing sensation. The flavors are long-lasting and won’t leak or break while in use.


4mg-16mg pouches ready for orders!

Towers (10pcs) starting price 41,90€ per tower!

What are nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pouches, also known as nicotine snus, are small pouches placed under the upper lip. Nicotine, with milder variants containing less than 4 mg.

Nicotine pouches do not contain any tobacco. They are made with pure nicotine, an EU-approved filler made from natural fibers, and natural flavors or sweeteners.

There is a wide range of flavors available for nicotine pouches, so everyone can find a suitable and enjoyable product. All flavors and sweeteners used in nicotine pouches are usually natural, such as strawberry flavor, xylitol, or mint.

In most of Europe countries nicotine pouches are a relatively new nicotine product, although they have been sold online actively since 2020.

Nicotine pouches are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that they do not contain any tobacco and are convenient to use.

Nicotine pouches are pouches similar to snus from Sweden that can be used under the upper lip.

What are nicotine pouches used for?

Nicotine pouches are primarily used for the nicotine they contain, as an alternative to tobacco and snus products.

They were originally developed to help quit smoking or using snus, but nowadays their use has spread to a wider consumer base.

Using nicotine pouches can help avoid many harmful substances present in tobacco and snus products, as well as potential side effects. Especially in the early stages of nicotine withdrawal, it can be very important to use replacement products, such as nicotine pouches.

The use of nicotine pouches is inconspicuous.

Nicotine pouches are also used purely for the taste, as there are many flavor options available in the market.

Smokers can also use nicotine pouches when smoking is not possible but they feel uncomfortable without nicotine or their concentration is affected. Such situations may include workdays, meetings, and long train or plane trips.

Pouches are also available in nicotine-free versions, in which they can be used only out of habit – for a seasoned snuff user, the habit of using can be even more important than the nicotine dose offered by the product.

What do nicotine pouches contain?

Nicotine pouches are made using a filling material and natural fibers. In addition, different natural flavors and sweeteners are used to create attractive flavor combinations in nicotine pouches.

The nicotine used in nicotine pouches is always pure and pharmaceutical grade.

In addition to the above, nicotine pouches contain salt and water and sometimes preservatives.

What do nicotine pouches contain:

– Pure, pharmaceutical grade nicotine.
– Filling material, such as fibers from pine or eucalyptus trees.
– Natural flavors and sweeteners.
– Preservatives.
– Salt and water.

Storage of nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches can often be stored for up to one or two years depending on the manufacturer – this shelf life applies to unopened packages. Unopened packages are completely airtight.

Opened packages will retain their freshness and moisture for about a week. If the nicotine pouch feels dry, it can be re-moistened to be still usable.

Each box has a best before date, which isn’t equivalent to the expiration date. Nicotine pouches are still usable after that date.

Note these 5 things when storing nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches can be stored at room temperature, but never in direct sunlight. Storing them in the refrigerator can prevent drying.

In addition, storing them in a cool place can increase the freshness, especially in nicotine pouches containing eucalyptus or menthol. Freezing can also be used to extend the shelf life of nicotine pouches significantly beyond the expiration date on the package.

Cold storage has no harmful effects, so the storage of nicotine pouches is up to the user – as long as the temperature is consistent and does not vary greatly over time.

Important things to know about storing nicotine pouches:

– The best before date is not the expiration date.
– An opened package will retain moisture for about a week.
– Nicotine pouches can also be stored in the refrigerator or freezer – this can extend the shelf life.
– Do not store nicotine pouches in direct sunlight.
– Store nicotine pouches at a consistent temperature either at room temperature or in a cool place.
– Always store nicotine pouches out of reach of children or minors!

What is the law regarding nicotinepouches?

The classification of nicotine pouches has been considered based on their purpose and effect. The classification is not made in most of countries because the product does not include any tobacco.

This means that it is great chance to everybody to stop smoking and start better option – nicotinepouch.

And this is of course, very positive news for users!

Best nicotine pouches – how do I recognize a high-quality product?

There may be many differences in nicotine pouches. It’s worth trying different flavors and strengths at your own pace to find your favourite.

It’s a good idea to have different flavors in stock for different situations – sometimes you may crave candy-like and sweet flavors, while other times you may prefer a strong, drilling (tingly sensation) and cooling mint.

The best nicotine pouch is of high quality, pleasant to use, and suitable for the user’s taste preferences.

You can recognize a good nicotine pouch by:

– Comfortable feel on the lip.
– Fresh and good taste according to your own preferences.
– Good drilling – good nicotine pouches drill like Denssi!
– The nicotine pouch is durable and doesn’t leak.

All of Puff & Pouch’s products are of high quality and carefully selected favorites. You can trust that you always get good quality!

Strong nicotine pouches

Pouches containing over 4 mg of nicotine are classified as strong nicotine pouches. The strengths of nicotine pouches vary greatly, and the nicotine content can be as high as 100 mg.

Even strong nicotine pouches are legal and freely available for order.

However, strong nicotine pouches are recommended only for people who are accustomed to nicotine. They can cause unpleasant side effects if the use of nicotine hasn’t been very extensive otherwise.

The appropriate strength can only be found by trying, but we always recommend starting with milder nicotine pouches.

Top 5: Best nicotine pouches in 2024

At Puff & Pouch, you can find a range of fresh and popular flavors!

Puff & Pouch’s own products range from menthol mint to citrus flavors

Best nicotine pouches in 2023:

– Greatest dry 16mg
– Puff & Pouch ICE 
– Puff & Pouch Juicy Berries
– Puff & Pouch Citrus

Ordering nicotine pouches

Ordering nicotine pouches to EU is mostly allowed without any restrictions so far.

Therefore, it is legal and safe to order as much nicotine pouches for personal use as desired. From Puff & Pouch’s selection, you can also find your favorite flavors in towers (10 pack), so you can buy pouches for longer use at once.

So how do you order nicotine pouches online?

Here’s how to order nicotine pouches from Puff & Pouch’s online store:
– Browse the online store and add products to your cart.
– Go to the checkout and make sure that your order includes all the products you want.
– Choose the most suitable payment method – you can choose between online banking or card payment.
– Check your email to see that you received an order confirmation.

Finally, eagerly wait for your order – it will arrive to you in 2-5 business days depends on where you live!

Nicotine pouches discount code 2024

Puff & Pouch’s online store also offers nicotine pouches for those looking for a discount code. Add the products to your cart and pay using available payment methods.
You can use this discount code which gives you -10% on your order.

Cheapest nicotine pouches

Puff & Pouch’s online store also caters to those seeking the cheapest nicotine pouches for their lips.

Our selection contains only quality products, but we also offer nicotine pouches at the lower end of the price range.

If you prefer the cheapest nicotine pouches, check out for tower discounts. If you buy 10 or more cans, prices start from 3,9€ per can.

Nicotine pouches delivery time

When ordering from Puff & Pouch’s online store, the delivery time for nicotine pouches is only 1-6 days depends on where you order. We proudly offer fast deliver anywhere.

In addition, orders over 90 € are shipped free of charge. There are no order restrictions – you can order as much as you want at a time.

So all products you order will arrive to you within a few days, regardless of the size of your order.

Buying nicotine pouches from a store

Puff & Pouch is a company that produces high-quality nicotine pouches. Puff & Pouch pouches are available online and over 4000 retails in Europe.

Ordering nicotine pouches from the Puff & Pouch online store is easy and convenient, with fast delivery and a wide selection of products.

However, sometimes you may want to walk into a store and buy your nicotine pouches directly from a physical shop. So where can you find Puff & Pouch’s nicotine pouches? You can make wish on your local store!

Are nicotine pouches healthy?

The health effects of using nicotine pouches should be primarily compared to tobacco products, as nicotine pouches are often used as a substitute for them. Puff & Pouch does not take a stance on whether nicotine pouches are healthier than other tobacco products!

However, here are a few facts:

Nicotine pouches do not stain teeth or cause inflammation.

Mild nicotine pouches contain significantly less nicotine than snus, usually 4 mg – 10 mg. In snus, the amount of nicotine starts from 8 mg and can be as high as 50 mg.

Nicotine Pouches Side Effects

Nicotine pouches have a recommended limit for daily usage, so that using the product is safe and side effects should not occur*.
(Side effects may still occur.)

If smoking or snus use has been excessive, even strong nicotine pouches should not cause any particular symptoms. Non-smokers or non-snus users should use milder nicotine pouches.

Sometimes nicotine may be consumed excessively, which can cause side effects such as nausea and increased heart rate.

Many people are also concerned about whether nicotine pouches damage the gums. This fear is completely unnecessary, as nicotine pouches are much less damaging on oral health than snus.

Side effects of nicotine pouches:

– Increased heart rate.
– Nausea.
– Dizziness.
– Nicotine addiction.

Nicotine Pouch Experiences

The use of nicotine pouches has become more common in recent years and the user base has expanded.

Experiences with nicotine pouches are mainly good and they are seen as a good aid in quitting smoking or snus use.

Many people feel that nicotine pouches are the best way to quit snus use, as the mouthfeel and habit are maintained.

User experiences with nicotine pouches:

Nicotine pouches have helped reduce the use of tobacco products or even quit altogether.

The feeling has been fresher than smoking or snus use.

The use of nicotine pouches is discreet, so there is no need to be ashamed.

With high-quality nicotine pouches, it is possible to get the same buzz as with snus!

Puff & Pouch Nicotine Pouches?

The vision of Puff & Pouch nicotine pouches is to offer users only the best quality and to help users use only the best nicotine pouches.

Our product development is precise and demanding, which enables us to ensure that only the highest quality products are put on sale.

The pouches available for sale always represent the highest standards. The Puff & Pouch brand stands for quality and good service.

Summary of nicotine pouches:

Nicotine pouches are legal and safe like other similar nicotine products.

Nowadays, people who do not use tobacco products at all also use nicotine pouches – there are plenty of different flavor combinations available.

Nicotine pouches are not medicinal products or products classified as medications, but are instead classified as substitutes for tobacco or as tobacco replacement products.

Nicotine pouches are available in different strengths, starting from mild 4 mg nicotine pouches to really strong, even 35 mg nicotine pouches. So there is undoubtedly a suitable product for everyone from the wide range!

Nicotine pouches – FAQ

How does a nicotine pouch differ from a snus pouch?

Nicotine pouches do not contain any tobacco, but are made mainly from natural ingredients. There are no harmful chemicals found in tobacco and snus products.

Where can I buy nicotine pouches?

Puff & Pouch nicotine pouches are available on the online store and selected retail stores. Ordering is easy and safe. Delivery takes just 1-6 business days depending on where you order.

What makes a good nicotine pouch?

A good pouch can be identified by its taste and how well it provides a buzz! A high-quality pouch will not break or leak, but will remain firmly in the lip.

What is the nicotine pouch regulation for 2024?

EU countries does not regulate nicotine pouch selling or ordering online. So you can order nicotine pouches legally from trusted online stores. In retails regulation depends on where you live.

Can nicotine pouches cause side effects?

In rare cases, if consumed in large amounts, dizziness, nausea, or changes in heart rate may occur. These can be avoided through moderate use.

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Order and delivery

We pack and send all orders received before 3 pm on the same day. Orders placed after 3 pm will be sent the next business day.

Your order will be delivered to you quickly, in EU 2-5 business days and to US 5-7 days depending on where you order.

You will not have to pay customs duties for your order of nicotine pouches. Your task is always to comply with the instructions of Customs.

At the moment, Customs do not monitor online ordering or import of nicotine pouches in EU.

You will always find the most up-to-date Customs instructions on Puff & Pouch’s website.

We recommend ordering one of every strenght and decide which suits best for you. ICE mint drills comfortably and has a menthol mint flavor, while Citrus ICE provides a refreshing and pleasant citrus taste.

If you are looking for the strongest pouch, then Greatest DRY 16mg is definitely for you.

You can best find out your taste by testing different products and thus know which products to order for you next time, and also compare the range of products.

Payment methods are a bank card, online bank transfer, Klarna, Paypal and installment payment.

You cannot order snus from Puff & Pouch. We only sell 100% tobacco-free nicotine pouches that can be legally ordered in EU. Nicotine pouch may be referred to as nicotine snus in some contexts, but it is still different from snus.

Note! Nicotine pouches are a significantly less harmful alternative to snus!

We always deliver orders as agreed upon, and our pouches are of high quality. If we have failed, we take feedback and complaints seriously and process them promptly.

If your order has failed, please contact us immediately using the “Contact Us” tab. Remember to mention your order number!

Our delivery fee is free for orders exceeding €90. For orders under €90, the delivery fee is only 6,9-11€.