Lime mint 4mg


  • Taste: Fresh lime mint
  • No leaking
  • A full 0.5g pouch
  • 8mg/gram – 4mg per pouch

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Fast delivery 24h in whole UK
20 pouches per can
5/5 quality and taste

Puff & Pouch – Lime Mint 4 mg

Refreshing and invigorating lime mint flavor!

A refreshing and invigorating nicotine pouch with a lime mint flavor. Our customers especially appreciate that the taste lasts a long time and this pouch drills well. The texture of the pouch is dry and has a delicious lime mint combination.

The entire Puff & Pouch product line has gone through a careful product development process, and launching a lime product was an absolute must when we built this product line. We have invested in this product, and when you get this delicious lime in your lip, you will definitely notice it.

The disc contains 20 tasty white pouches that fit perfectly in the lip.



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This product is part of the EU market's most popular, Puff & Pouch product family.

When you carry a Puff & Pouch can in your pocket, you have made the right choice. You value quality and first-class production. The taste world of the Puff & Pouch product family is surrounded by sensation, skill, and luxury. We bring to the market only the best and first-class nico pouches that taste exactly as they should and DO NOT leak. The pouches contain just that first-class flavor you've been waiting for.

How to use?

White pouch is meant to use under upper lip. Nicotine releases from your lip to your body. You can use one pouch between 20-60 minutes depends on how you like it.

White Pouch Storage

White pouches are best stored cool or cold, such as in a refrigerator. To ensure the best shelf life, we recommend keeping an unopened package in a dark place, away from direct light. Opened packages are best kept in a cool place, but can also be stored at room temperature without any problems.

Order white pouches legally online

You can legally order white pouches without purchase restrictions. From Puff & Pouch's online store, you'll always get the best and highest quality nicotine pouches.